Here are some of the comments received from satisfied customers - from the humans, on behalf of the animals, and sometimes both in the same household.

Treatments for animals

Harriet & Pilgrim

"I use Caroline for my event horses. I asked her to treat two quite different types, one an intermediate eventer with no known problems that just needed a check-up and the other horse competing at BE90 who had a stiff neck.

Caroline was extremely thorough and took into consideration my comments about the horses. Both horses clearly enjoyed and benefitted from her treatment and both improved their way of going. I would happily recommend her services to anyone!"

Photo courtesy of Emily Corcoran Photography

Kyra & Harry

"Rode Harry tonight for the first time since he's had his back etc done! He felt incredible!! I can definitely feel the difference. He was much more comfortable and lengthened his strides beautifully!! Cannot thank you enough!! :)"


Kathy & Tink

"Caroline has been treating my 12 ½ year old labrador, Tink, for a few years now. She suffered a bit from arthritis, but with an improved diet and a few visits to Caroline everyone remarks upon how well she is looking for her age. Her arthritis is much better. On Tink's first visit she could barely get out of the car. I was amazed, after a session with Caroline, how she could leap out of the car again! Since then we see Caroline every few months just to keep Tink's back and joints aligned and functioning well. Tink loves the sessions and lies down ready for her pampering!"

Angie & Flossy

"Flossy was re-homed to me at 14 months old. She was 5kg overweight and seemed to have some discomfort on Hip/Spine area. Three months later, I had her spayed and at the same time I had her Hips x-rayed. Her right Hip was quite out of place. I took the x-rays to Caroline and she started to treat Flossy. I thought after seeing her x-rays that she would never be able to do Agility. Six months later after having treatments with Caroline, Flossy started Agility and went quickly up the grades from 3 - 6 in the first season. She also Won the Novice Cup Semi-Final at the KC Festival and Qualified for Crufts. At Crufts she Won the Agility Round and finished 2nd Overall. Flossy is now 5 Years Old and now competing at Grade 7 and Championship Classes. She has also qualified for Crufts 2013 in the Medium Novice ABC Final. This is all thanks to Caroline and her treatments. Flossy and my other dog Billy still go for regular treatments to keep them in top condition."

Flossy agility Flossy x-rays


"Our horse went lame after pulling off a front shoe, but after six weeks of rest, worry, cold hosing and a visit from the farrier he was still lame. We called Caroline who managed to see us the very next day! She treated his leg with her little machine and also gave his whole body the 'once over'. Our horse loved it and almost fell asleep! It was amazing - the small amount of swelling in his fetlock went down and didn't come up again, we gave him a bit of gentle walking and by the following weekend he was strutting his stuff at a local show with no lameness in sight!! He hasn't been lame since. I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone, she has a natural calm way with animals."

Mr & Mrs Rix and Trixie's Tale (Tail)

"Last July our 3 year old Cockerlier Spaniel, who had always been a bundle of energy, somehow managed to injure herself and became paralysed in her back legs. This led to her being doubly incontinent and the only solution seemed to be an operation which was not guaranteed to succeed. We were recommended to seek Caroline's help and, over the last few months, with her treatment and following her advice we now have our happy little dog running around again. Her toilet functions are back to normal and the tail is once more wagging! We are so grateful to Caroline for all her help and would not hesitate to recommend her to any other pet owners, especially those with over-energetic spaniels!"


Treatments for humans


"Thank you so much for the healing you have carried out on my neck, back and shoulder. When I came to you the pain was excruciating and my right hand grip was reduced by 50%. Now after a couple of months of treatment by you the pain has practically gone and my hand is back to 95% and I am sure it will be back to normal soon. Thank you again!"


"I have suffered with back problems for years and seen several specialists with little or no avail, but since seeing Caroline my back has never felt better. I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone!"


"Since i have been having my back done by Caroline I have been more flexible so I have been able to reach further when I paddle and can rotate more. After training for several hard sessions I quite often feel lop-sided, but after seeing Caroline I feel straight again so I can paddle faster and with better technique. It also helps to loosen all my muscles from all the training I have to do. I always try and see Caroline before any major competiotions to make sure I can perfom at my best. She has made a huge difference to my body being able to perform well."


G Roberts

"I first went to Caroline for treatment over 10 years ago. At the time I had not long been out of a neck brace that I had been in for a year having broken my neck and had 2 operations on it. I had tried some other treatments to try and help ease the movement and pain that I was getting as a result without much success. My then employers then recommended Caroline. I went for treatment, and there was a noticeable reduction in the pain that I was getting after the 1st treatment, so I went back for more. Not suprisingly with such a severe injury and my neck muscles not having been used for so long it took several sessions to really get the pain under control and to get the movement to start easing significantly. Caroline was honest from the outset, and told me that there was no permanent fix for the injury (confirming what the doctors had told me). I have been going back for treatment for my neck and other problems with my back and shoulders ever since. Even when I was living the other side of the country I would make an appointment if I was heading this way. It still amazes me how much the treatment helps, and I cannot recommend Caroline highly enough. Not only are her treatments very effective, she also has a professional yet friendly approach, an obvious love for what she does and a genuine care for her patients."

Treatments for both animals and humans


"I called out Caroline as an emergency as my 20 year old Warmblood horse slipped in his field and was extremely lame. I was shocked that the vet advised that he should be on bute and left in his field for 6 weeks. This would not have helped the horse at all as it was not curing the problem and he was still in a great deal of pain. Immediately Caroline located the problem, treated it and he was back in light work within 3 days. I knew how happy my horse was as before Caroline treated him he could not move for pain and afterwards he galloped down the field bucking. I was absolutely thrilled and he was cured for a fraction of the cost that the vet had charged for doing nothing. I just wish vets would recommend osteopaths to all animal owners more often.

"Since then Caroline has also treated both myself and my husband after generally hurting our backs gardening. I didn't realise that the back pain that I had had for many years could be relieved so quickly. Like so many people, I should have been to see an osteopath years ago and strongly feel everyone should go at least once as it is money very well spent. I have always found Caroline to be very professional, caring, friendly and could not recommend her highly enough."


"I have problems with my back and neck with the job I do. Caroline works wonders and sorts my back out in one or two sessions. I also have Caroline work on my dogs; I show Staffies and every now and then they get stiff from rough play. I take them to Caroline and within a day they are moving better and are more supple, the dogs love it as she's very gentle with them. I highly recommend her treatment with animals and humans."