Osteopathy for your animals

… osteopathy can keep your animals fit and active

Horses, dogs, cats and other farm animals can benefit from osteopathy.

Many of the problems they suffer are similar to humans; they can sustain common back and neck injuries, muscle tensions, or ligament and tendon damage, which can be treated by osteopathy and forms of animal or equine physiotherapy.

For horses, livestock and larger animals, which will benefit from equine osteopathy, I will visit the farm or stables but I also have a separate treatment room for smaller animals such as cats and dogs at my practice in central Norfolk.

Regular treatments can maintain strength, improve mobility and flexibility and even enhance performance in horses and dogs in a competitive environment.

I liaise closely with vets when treating animals – as a British Equine Veterinary Association approved practitioner – and refer on where necessary

My aim is to reduce pain and discomfort and enable animals to lead active, healthy lives. In addition I will offer advice to owners on how to keep their pets and livestock injury-free.

Please click here for more information on osteopathy for horses.

Please click here for more information on osteopathy for dogs.

Benefits of animal osteopathy include:

  • Pain relief
  • Improved performance
  • Quicker recovery time
  • Minimised risk of injury
  • Improved overall health and vitality
  • Non-invasive approach
  • Covered by all major insurance groups with veterinary referral

Call me on 01362 858530 for treatments for your companion, horse, or livestock.

Osetopathy for Cats

Cats are also vulnerable to common injuries.

They can suffer shoulder or spinal injuries through jumping or having a fall and may incur tail injuries where they have trapped it.

In addition, they may be hurt as a result of being involved in accidents.

Osteopathy offers an effective treatment to reduce joint, muscle or tendon injuries in cats.


Other animals I have successfully treated through osteopathic techniques include farm livestock such as cows and bulls.

Massage, manipulation and interventional technology along with fascial release techniques, can be effect in easing muscle and joint tensions and inflammations.

I also treat sheep, rams and lambs that may have walking difficulties or have sustained shoulder injuries.