Osteopathy Faqs

… frequently asked questions

What is osteopathy?
It is a safe and natural approach to healthcare, focussing on the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).
How do I make an appointment?
Most patients self-refer to me, so simply call 01362 858530 and book in to make an appointment.
Do you have evening appointments?
Yes, I fully understand people work during the day and cannot always make an appointment 9-5, so I have several evening appointments available every week.
What will happen on my first appointment?
We will have a discussion as to what the problem is then I will carefully examine you and begin an appropriate course of treatment.
How long does a consultation last?
Generally, a consultation and treatment will last for about 45 minutes, though for some conditions more than one appointment may be necessary as part of a course of ongoing therapy.
Does osteopathy hurt?
Osteopathy is not a painful treatment, it is a natural therapy that is designed to ease and alleviate pain and return the body back to normal. Some soft tissue treatment may cause a little discomfort, but I will let you know what to expect. There may be minor soreness after treatment, but this is a normal response from your body.
What is the difference between Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists?
While all are primary healthcare professions, the focus and approach within each is different. Osteopathy is centred on the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders and the effects they may have on the patient's general health; chiropractic treatment specialises in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of neuro-musculoskeletal disorders and their effects on the function of the nervous system, with particular emphasis on the spine; while physiotherapy endeavours to restore movement and function after an individual has been affected by injury, illness or disability.
What sort of conditions do you treat as an osteopath?
The range is wide and diverse – from lower back pain to joint, muscles and ligament injuries and tears through to inflammation, the effects of arthritis and easing the general aches and pains of the ageing process.
Can you help me recover after surgery?
Yes, an important aspect of my osteopathic work is helping people recover and rehabilitate after surgery so they return to normal activity and mobility as soon as possible.
I am pregnant and feeling very uncomfortable as my term progresses, can you help?
Yes, osteopathy has a valid application during the latter stages of pregnancy when ligaments start to relax and muscles come under pressure. I can also provide relevant therapies after you give birth by improving posture and helping your body returning to normal.
Is osteopathy safe for children?
Yes, I treat children of all ages from the tiniest babies through to teenagers.
Where will I receive treatment?
I have a comfortable and well-equipped treatment room at my practice in Garveston near Dereham in Norfolk.
Do you do home visits?
In certain circumstances where a patient is unable to attend my practice, I will attend their home to deliver diagnosis and treatment?
Will my horse or dog benefit from osteopathy?
Animals sustain injuries in the same way as humans and respond very well to osteopathic treatment. For horses, equine osteopathy can address an injury or inflammation and a course of specialist equine physiotherapy can help the horse return to normal exercise or competition. The same applies to dogs, whether they are working animals or household pets.
Do you treat other animals?
Yes, I treat a range of household pets such as cats but also farm livestock including cows, bulls, sheep and goats, applying osteopathy treatment and physiotherapy techniques were relevant as part of a programme of rehabilitation.
Where do you treat animals?
For smaller animals, I have a separate treatment room at my practice but for larger animals such as horses and livestock, I will visit the farm or stables to provide diagnosis and relevant treatment.
How do I prepare my animal for a treatment?
Please ensure your animals is as calm and comfortable as possible ahead of any treatment, whether that is at my practice, or on a farm.
Do I have to pay for my treatment?
Yes, Willow Farm Osteopathic Clinic is a private practice and not part of the NHS, so there is one fee for a consultation and treatment. I do, however, liaise closely with relevant health professionals and in the case of animals, speak with veterinary surgeons where necessary.